Reduce your digital carbon footprint.

    Do you know your website's
    carbon emissions?

    WHAT IS A Bio Audit?

    Giving every business the opportunity to reduce their digital emissions.


    STEP 1

    You are a business with a website, ready to make a difference.


    STEP 2

    Create a free Biosites account and take out a full website Bio Audit.


    STEP 3

    Embed our AI Green Meter to analyse your website's page views for 1 month.


    STEP 4

    Access your dashboard to review real-time carbon emission data & insights.


    STEP 5

    Receive a Bioscore for your website based on its environmental impact.


    STEP 6

    Take action with our AI generated suggestions to improve your Bioscore.

    Sustainable pricing for any business.

    Embedding of our AI Green Meter to review your website emissions for 1 month

    Every page view tracked and analysed during the Green Meter assessment

    Advanced real-time emissions data with a daily Bioscore evaluation

    Receive AI-powered recommendations on how to reduce your digital carbon emissions

    Receive a Bio Initiator accreditation to use on your website and marketing materials for up to 1 year

    The internet accounts for 3.7% of all carbon emissions. more than the aviation industry.

    If the internet was a country it would be the 8th highest emitter of carbon emissions. Reducing your digital carbon footprint is vital in the fight against climate change. The world is uniting in an extraordinary dedication to achieve global net zero emissions by 2050, signalling an era of unprecedented cooperation and determination. This ambitious goal inspires transformative action across nations, industries, and communities, driving innovation, sustainability, and a brighter future for generations to come.

    This isn't just an environmental concern; it's a problem for businesses and the world at large. Without ways to track and reduce digital carbon emissions, companies face rising operational costs and reputational risks.


    66% of consumers

    are willing to pay more for sustainable brands, demonstrating a growing interest in eco-friendly products and services.

    87% of consumers

    would buy a product based on values, with environmental responsibility being a significant factor.

    90% of consumers

    would boycott a company based on irresponsible business practices, emphasising the importance of CSR in maintaining a positive brand image.

    67% of consumers

    consider it important for companies to reduce their carbon footprint. Tracking emissions aligns with consumer expectations, enhancing brand trust and loyalty.

    Helping you help.

    Saving the Environment with Biosites

    Saving the Environment

    with Biosites

    Improving User Experience for your customers

    Improving User Experience

    for your customers

    Increasing Leads & Sales for your business

    Increasing Leads & Sales

    for your business

    Understand your score

    Every time a webpage loads energy is required to transfer the data. This emits carbon into the atmosphere. Our real-time Green Meter will show you how much CO2 is emitted every time your webpage loads.

    It's easier to take control when you've got a clear picture of your entire website. We give you a view of all your website's carbon emissions, at-a-glance. Our straightforward report helps you understand exactly where you are.

    Real-time carbon emission tracking.

    Real-time carbon emission tracking via your dashboard

    Learn how to boost your emissions score.

    Learn how to boost your emissions score.

    Make informed decisions

    Easily track your progress and get clear, personalised insights on how to keep your carbon emissions score moving in the right direction.

    Once your Bio Audit is completed we provide you with AI powered recommendations based on the analytics we have built up over the month. These recommendations will help to boost your bioscore and reduce your carbon output.

    Take your score to new heights

    Our team of Biodevs (Biosites approved developers) can action your recommendations for you. Simply select the tasks you'd like Biosites to handle and we'll take care of the rest.

    Feel confident about your digital emissions. Have the best eco-trained developers at your fingertips to implement tasks you need actioning. Not only that, we provide a complimentary audit to verify that our actions have improved your Bioscore.

    Take control of your emissions with Biodevs.

    Real-time carbon emission tracking via your dashboard

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